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The last state on Claudia's 50 by 50 list was Vermont. We checked off Vermont in June of 2008 (just a few weeks before her 50th birthday) by visiting Moose Bog just across the New Hampshire state line on a Wings birding trip to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.
Scarborough MarshScarborough MarshNelson's Sharp-tailed SparrowYoung Black DucksThe Kennebunk PlainsPink Lady's SlipperCanada MayflowerStarflowerEastern ChipmunkChocorua Peak and Chocorua LakePainted TrilliumLarch Branch and Needle DetailPainted TrilliumRhodoraBog LaurelPitcher PlantMoose BogEvan's Bog BouquetClaudia's 50th State!Bunchberry