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Images from the Southern Ocean including travel between Ushuaia, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctica Peninsula including a stop at Elephant Island.
The Grigoriy MikheevWeathered Iceberg Enroute to the Antarctic PeninsulaGiant PetrelSlender-billed PrionGray-headed AlbatrossWandering AlbatrossPintado (Cape) PetrelSooty AlbatrossLight-mantled Sooty AlbatrossRoyal AlbatorossGray-headed AlbatrossBlack-browed AlbatrossBlack-browed AlbatrossAntarctic PrionWhite-chinned PetrelAntarctic PrionsWhite-chinned PetrelAdelie PenguinsPenguin and Pintado in Pack IceAntarctic Fulmar