Small galleries representing my day-to-day photography adventures.
12/19/2020 - Mitchell Canyon CBC12/14/2019 - Mitchell Canyon CBC3/24/2018 -  Death Valley National Park10/13/2017 Eastern Sierra Fall Color4/7/2017 Carrizo Plain Superbloom3/19/2017 Eagle Peak3/4/2017 Mitchell Canyon Water11/5/2016 Bay Nature Hike7/2/2016 Yosemite and Eastern Sierra3/25/2016 Death Valley National Park1/14/2016 - South Florida1/3/2016 - Morgan Territory12/25/2015 - Summit Frost12/19/2015 - Deer Flat10/9/2015 - Eastern Sierra Fall Colors11/22/2014 - Mount Diablo9/27/2014 - Perkins Canyon4/27/2014 - Perkins Canyon4/19/2014 - Green Ranch Road3/22/2014 - Perkins Canyon3/8/2014 - Whipsnake Trail12/13/2013 - Round Valley Bobcat10/13/2013 - Mount Diablo Summit9/15/2013 - Morgan Fire Aftermath7/28/2013 - Yosemite6/20/2013 - Oregon2/16/2013 -  Death Valley1/20/2013 - Twin Peaks Loop9/6/2012 - Round Valley Regional Preserve7/1/2012 Olofson Ridge6/8/2012 Wisconsin5/28/2012 Mary Bowerman Trail4/14/2012 Spring Wildflowers3/31/2012 Indiana Spring3/18/2012 Acalanes Ridge2/11/2012 Mount Diablo - Winter Light1/15/2012 - Yosemite National Park12/17/2011 - Deer Flat10/1/2011 Perkins Canyon5/28/2011 - Point Reyes National Seashore6/18/2011 Perkins Creek4/16/2011 - Spring on Mount Diablo5/8/2011 - Mount Diablo and Sonoma County4/8/2011 - Round Valley Regional Preserve