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There are between 17 and 20 species of penguins in the world (depending on whether you consider the White-flippered Penguin to be a separate species and whether you split Rockhopper Penguins into three distinct species). I have been fortunate enough to travel to places like South Africa, Antarctica, South Georgia Island, the Falkland Islands, the Galapagos Islands, and the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia - all are places where you are likely to encounter penguins. The images in this gallery are of wild penguins taken in those places.
African PenguinsAfrican PenguinAfrican PenguinsMagellanic Penguin, Patagonia, ChileMagellanic Penguins, Patagonia, ChileHumboldt Penguins on Isla Cachagua, ChileHumboldt Penguins on Isla Cachagua, ChileChinstrap Penguin on NestChinstrap PenguinChinstrap PenguinChinstrap PenguinEmperor PenguinEmperor PenguinEmperor PenguinChinstrap and Adelie PenguinsAdelie PenguinsAdelie PenguinsAdelie PenguinsAdelie PenguinsNesting Adelie Penguin