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During December of 2005, we spent 18 days aboard the "Spirit of Enderby", a small Russian polar research ship, on a Wings Birding Tours and Heritage Expeditions trip led by Steve Howell and other outstanding naturalists. The purpose of the trip was to study and photograph seabirds and marine mammals on and around several unique and beautiful subantarctic islands located on the Southern Ocean near New Zealand and Australia. We visited Snares, Enderby, Auckland, Macquarie (Australia), Antipodes, Bounty, Campbell, and Chatham Islands on a 2382 nautical mile loop that started and ended in the city of Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand.
Pintado (Cape) PetrelMottled PetrelCommon Diving PetrelOlearia (Tree Daisy) ForestSnares Crested Penguin ColonySnares Crested Penguin ColonyHooker's (New Zealand) Sea LionOlearia (Tree Daisy) ForestSnares Island TomtitNaiad Cruising in Sea CavesAntarctic TernSnares Crested PenguinSnares Crested PenguinsBrown SkuaYellow-eyed PenguinsTomtitRed-crowned ParakeetsSpider WebSouthern Royal AlbatrossDouble-banded Plover