Photography Sites and Resources

The following are links to sites and resources that I have found helpful in my own work.


ByThom:  I shoot primarily with Nikon equipment and Thom Hogan's web site is the place I go for Nikon camera and lens evaluations, thoughts on industry trends, etc.

Calflora:  Rather than pester my botanist friends incessantly when I have plant ID challenges, I utilize the Calflora web site and its links to the Calphotos web site.

Luminous Landscape:  The forums at the Luminous Landscape web site are where I go when I have questions about printing, color management, and other technical areas of photography.

Audible Mount Diablo:  Joan Hamilton's collection of "Audible Guides" for Mount Diablo - multimedia tours of special places on and around our mountain.


Stephen Joseph: If you are looking for big, beautiful prints of Mount Diablo, particularly panoramas, you need to see Stephen's work.

Photo System

Nikon:  Although my first SLR camera was an Olympus OM-1, and I have dabbled in Canon, Olympus, and Sony digital cameras, I have primarly shot with Nikon equipment since the late 1980s.  Currently I am using a Nikon D810 for high-resolution landscape photography, a D500 for wildlife and action photography, and a Z 6 mirrorless camera when I am hiking.


These are vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers whose products and services I actually use on a regular basis.

Camera West:  Camera West in Walnut Creek is one of the last full-service camera stores in our area.  For most of the equipment I purchase their prices are no different than the big Internet retailers and their customer service is excellent.  So, if you live in the area, do the right thing and consider supporting a local business.

B&H Photo:  I have been purchasing photo supplies and equipment from B&H for at least 25 years and have always been satisfied with their service.

Frame Destination:  When I need to frame a print, I purchase frame kits from Frame Destination.  They use the same archival materials that I used when I was cutting my own mats.  Now I let them do the hard work.

KEH Camera:  KEH is where I often buy and sell used camera equipment.  Selling gear to KEH is pretty much no-hassle.

Lens Rentals:  Renting photo equipment is a cost-effective way to access exotic items on an occasional basis, or to try out lenses and camera bodies in advance of purchasing.  I have been happy with the selection and service of Lens Rentals.

IT Supplies:  Formerly Ink Jet Art, IT Supplies is a good source for photo printers and printing supplies.

Really Right Stuff:  RRS manufactures camera support equipment - tripods, tripod heads, camera and lens quick-release plates, etc.  Their products aren't inexpensive, but the quality, fit, and finish is superb.

Think Tank Photo and Mindshift Gear:  Think Tank Photo makes well-designed and high-quality camera bags, holsters, and cases. Their offshoot, Mindshift Gear, makes outdoor camera packs for hiking.

Breakthrough Photography:  I use Breakthorugh Photography neutral density filters for long-exposure photography.  Their filters are color neutral and the magentic filter attachment design makes it a snap (literally) to add and remove the filter in order to frame, focus, and capture.

Magnachrome:  Magnachrome is a local business that specializes in printing photographic images onto metal (aluminum).  Well, technically they print the image in reverse onto dye-transfer paper with special inks and then use a heated press to
transfer/infuse the image into a dye-receptive layer coated on an aluminum plate.  The end result is vibrant, durable, and requires no additional framing.  Some images are absolutely luminous when printed on metal.

Zenfolio:  My photo web site and store are hosted by Zenfolio.  The link to the left includes a referral code that will provide you with a discount to Zenfolio should you decide to sign up (and I receive a small benefit if you choose to do so.)