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Photography Sites and Resources

The following are links to sites and resources that I have found helpful in my own work.


ByThom:  I shoot primarily with Nikon equipment and Thom Hogan's web site is the place I go for Nikon camera and lens evaluations, thoughts on industry trends, etc.

Calflora:  Rather than pester my botanist friends incessantly when I have plant ID challenges, I utilize the Calflora web site and its links to the Calphotos web site.

Luminous Landscape:  The forums at the Luminous Landscape web site are where I go when I have questions about printing, color management, and other technical areas of photography.

Audible Mount Diablo:  Joan Hamilton's collection of "Audible Guides" for Mount Diablo - multimedia tours of special places on and around our mountain.


Stephen Joseph: If you are looking for big, beautiful prints of Mount Diablo, particularly panoramas, you need to see Stephen's work.


These are vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers whose products and services I actually use on a regular basis.

B&H Photo:  I have been purchasing photo supplies and equipment from B&H for at least 25 years and have always been satisfied with their service.

Frame Destination:  When I need to frame a print, I purchase frame kits from Frame Destination.  They use the same archival materials that I used when I was cutting my own mats.  Now I let them do the hard work.

KEH Camera:  KEH is where I usually buy and sell camera gear.  Selling gear to KEH is pretty much no-hassle.  Their valuations are fair in my experience.

Lens Rentals:  Renting photo equipment is a cost-effective way to access exotic items on an occasional basis, or to try out lenses and camera bodies in advance of purchasing.  I have been happy with the selection and service of Lens Rentals.

IT Supplies:  Formerly Ink Jet Art, IT Supplies is a good source for photo printers and printing supplies.

Really Right Stuff:  RRS manufactures camera support equipment - tripods, tripod heads, camera and lens quick-release plates, etc.  Their products aren't inexpensive, but the quality, fit, and finish is superb.

Think Tank Photo and Mindshift Gear:  Think Tank Photo makes well-designed and high-quality camera bags, holsters, and cases. Their offshoot, Mindshift Gear, makes outdoor camera packs for hiking.

Zenfolio:  My photo web site and store are hosted by Zenfolio.  The link to the left includes a referral code that will provide you with a discount to Zenfolio should you decide to sign up (and I receive a small benefit if you choose to do so.)