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Group photo at Howe Homestead ParkStarting out from Howe Homestead ParkLeaving "civilization" behind usHiking into Shell Ridge Open SpaceFoothill PenstemmonHiking through Shell Ridge Open SpaceHiking through Shell Ridge Open SpaceHiking with kids from Indian Valley SchoolLearning about Oak restoration from Bob SimmonsHiking through Shell Ridge Open SpaceBorges RanchBlack Point from Diablo Foothills Regional PreserveClimbing up to an overlook of Castle RockCastle RockLearning about Peregrine Falcon reintroduction at Castle Rock from Seth AdamsA Coyote checking us out from the trail belowClimbing back down to the Diablo TrailClimbing back down to the Diablo TrailA California Ground Squirrel using tail "flagging" to distract a rattlesnakeHiking the Diablo Trail in Diablo Foothills Regional Park