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Photos of Save Mount Diablo's Viera North Peak property and Perkins Canyon in Mount Diablo State Park taken before and after the September 2013 Morgan Fire.
North Peak, May 2002North Peak, October 2013North Peak, March 2010North Peak, October 2013Viera North Peak, May 2009Viera North Peak, September 2013Hikers in Lower Perkins CanyonVolacnic plug rising above Perkins CreekPerkins CreekPerkins CanyonVolacnic plug rising above Perkins CreekColor detail of boulder in Perkins CreekThe "big" dam on Perkins CreekThe Meadow TrailClaudia Hiking on the Meadow TrailDam on Perkins CreekPerkins CreekThe Oak Hills TrailLower Perkins CanyonVolcanic dome in Perkins Canyon