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A gallery of photos from a trip to the Republic of Panama in January 2018. The photos are mostly from two locations - Los Altos de Cerro Azul in the mountains above Panama City, and the Western Highlands of the Chiriqui Provence near the border with Costa Rica. Many thanks to our friends Cindy and Les Lieurance for their hospitality. Also thanks to Ito Santamaria ( for guiding us around his amazing home territory, and Mishael Rivera of Birder's Paradise in Paraiso for allowing us to experience his property.
Golden-hooded TanagerBay-headed TanagerBay-headed TanagerRed-legged Honeycreeper (Male)Red-legged Honeycreeper (Male)Green Honeycreeper (Male)Green Honeycreeper (Female)Blue-gray TanagerBlue-gray TanagerHepatic TanagerSummer TanagerCrimson-backed TanagerThick-billed EuphoniaKeel-billed ToucanSquirrel CuckooChestnut-headed OropendolaBlack-cheeked WoodpeckerRed-crowned woodpeckerCasa Naranja FeedersWhite-necked Jacobin