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A gallery of images from Punta Arenas in Patagonia and Porvenir in Tierra del Fuego taken during a November 2011 trip to Chile with Wings Birding Tours.
Flying Steamer Duck with chicks, Punta Arenas, ChileUpland Goose (male), Punta Arenas, ChileUpland Geese (male on left), Punta Arenas, ChileBirding the Pinguinera at Seno Otway, PatagoniaTussock Grass, Patagonia, ChileMagellanic Penguins on the beach in PatagoniaRufous-collared Sparrow, Patagonia, ChileMagellanic Snipe, Patagonia, ChileAustral Negrito, Patagonia, ChilePatagonian Yellow-finch, Patagonia, ChileLong-tailed Meadowlark, Patagonia, ChileMagellanic Penguins, Patagonia, ChileMagellanic Penguins, Patagonia, ChileAustral Negrito, Patagonia, ChileMagellanic Penguin, Patagonia, ChileRufous-collared Sparrow, Patagonia, ChileDarwin's Rhea, Patagonia, ChileFishing boats, Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego, ChileJuvenile Magellanic Pengin, Straight of Magellan, ChileBlack-browed Albatross, Straight of Magellan, Chile