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A gallery of images from Yosemite National Park, the Mono Lake Basin, the White Mountains, and other locations in the Eastern Sierra of California.
Skuas scanning Lee Vining CanyonFritillary ButterflySierran Pericopid MothThe Green Bridge on Tioga Pass RoadDistant views of the White Mountains from Tioga Pass RoadYellow-bellied MarmotGolden-mantled Ground SquirrelAmerican AvocetsOsprey on TufaBog Orchid (Platanthera sp.)Mourning Cloak ButterflyMourning Cloak Butterfly (underwing)Yellow WarblerEight-spotted SkimmerFlame SkimmerAmerican Dipper (Water Ouzel)American Dipper (Water Ouzel)American Dipper (Water Ouzel)Skuas scanning for Black SwiftsEastern Sierra