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A photo gallery from our late-May 2013 trip to Panama. We were based out of Los Altos de Cerro Azul in the mountains above Panama City, but also spent a few days birding the area around El Valle de Anton. Many thanks to friends and hosts Cindy and Les Lieurance (and their fabulous terrace at Casa Naranja), and also to Domi Hernandez for guiding us on a fantastic day of birding around El Valle.
Bay-headed TanagerRed-legged HoneycreeperHepatic TanagerHummingbird (and honeycreeper) feedersRufous-tailed HumingbirdThick-billed EuphoniaBrown Violet-earWhite-necked JacobinTwo-barred FlasherSalvin's Big-eyed BatSalvin's Big-eyed BatRufous-crested CoquetteWhite-necked JacobinRed-legged HoneycreeperRed-legged Honeycreeper feeding youngBay-headed Tanager building nestViolet-crowned WoodnymphGreen ThorntailSnowy-bellied HummingbirdRufous-crested Coquette