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A gallery of the flowers, big trees, birds, bugs, mammals, and landscapes of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI).
Thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus)Crimson Columbine (Aquilegia formosa)Pink Stickseed (Hackelia mundula)Paintbrush (Castilleja sp.)Western WallflowerPileated WoodpeckerWhisker Brush (Linanthus ciliatus)Bee Fly pollinating Whisker BrushBee Fly pollinating Whisker BrushBee Fly pollinating Whisker BrushWhisker Brush (Linanthus ciliatus)Phil, the Lorax, and General ShermanClaudia and General ShermanSierra Shooting Stars (Dodecatheon jeffreyi)Pussy Paws (Calyptridium umbellatum)Marble Fork Kaweah RiverSierra mariposa lily (Calochortus minimus)Heather, Mimi, and the LoraxWoodpecker Holes in Giant SequoiaBlue-eyed Mary (Collinsia torreyi)