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This gallery documents a trip during the 2007 holidays that was spent acquainting ourselves with the amazing wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people of Trinidad and Tobago. We spent time at the Asa Wright Nature Centre in the highlands of Trinidad and the Cuffie River Nature Retreat on Tobago.

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  • Caligo Ventures - The exclusive North American agent for the Asa Wright Nature Centre.
Green Honeycreeper, MaleGreat Antshrike, FemaleWhite-throated EmeraldBlue-crowned Motmot"Hot Lips"Golden TeguPurple Honeycreeper, FemaleWhite-necked JacobinPurple Honeycreeper, MaleTropical Birds on Fruit FeederCopper-rumped HummingbirdASA Wright VerandaViolaceous EuphoniaViolaceous TrogonWhite-tailed TrogonCrested OropendolaPalm TanagerGreat KiskadeeTrinidad Piping-GuanEpiphyte Growing on Power Lines