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This gallery contains images of seabirds that I have taken around the world. I subscribe to a restrictive definition of what defines a seabird - specifically those birds that do not willingly come near land except to nest. So, this gallery contains photos of primarily "tubenoses" - albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels, storm-petrels, etc.
Black-footed AlbatrossSooty ShearwaterSouth Polar SkuaSouth Polar SkuaLong-tailed JaegerSnow PetrelBlack-bellied Storm PetrelAntarctic PetrelAntarctic FulmarAntarctic PrionsAntarctic PrionPintado (Cape) PetrelSlender-billed PrionAntarctic FulmarSnow PetrelsLight-mantled Sooty AlbatrossWandering AlbatrossNesting Giant PetrelYoung Wandering AlbatrossYoung Wandering Albatross